Client Testimonials

Mr. Moulding, Mouldings and Doors is a family-owned business which provides our customers with the largest selection of top-quality casings, mouldings, custom trim products & doors to enhance their home or business. Being the owner and primary financial person, the bookkeeping processes, from year-to-year, can become overwhelming. Noëlla introduced herself to my daughter, and CFO, Amy Dawson in 2020. We recognized that our business growth had created a condition where we needed an independent, outside accountant to manage our monthly and quarterly QuickBooks reconciling, with great emphasis on the Sales Tax Returns with CDTFA. Noëlla works closely with our CPA and creates financial statements which allows the annual tax returns to be completed by our CPA with as few adjusting journal entries as possible. Her talents help the annual transition to a new fiscal year to be efficient and virtually unproblematic. Her continued support in our company is a constant delight.

Kristen Haggen
Mr. Moulding, Mouldings and Doors
Sacramento, California

(916) 381-0210
[email protected]


Noëlla came by recommendation at our firm's inception over 20 years ago. GeoMaps, Inc. specializes in aerial mapping services and every day in our office is a busy day, thus Noëlla's assistance is indispensable. Her knowledge, and her sparkle, makes her a wonderful addition to our company. Noëlla works independently, she is conscientious of deadlines, and she puts things back on my desk exactly as she found them. If there is a task to be completed, I can unconditionally count on Noëlla to get it done.

Baldur Tryggvason, President
GeoMaps, Incorporated
Mather Field Road
Rancho Cordova, California

(916) 361-9133
[email protected]


Since 2021, Noëlla has been our cherished and well-needed bookkeeper/accountant. She has performed numerous tasks for our company, through a variety of changes and company growth. Her expert knowledge in all aspects of accounting procedures, and her ability to operate QuickBooks, is invaluable to our company and to myself. Noëlla’s talents helps to keep our office organized and our financial statements clear and easy to read. She always offers our staff up-to-date tips on changes in QuickBooks as they occur. She would be an asset to anyone who wishes to learn more about QuickBooks and anyone who wants someone who can teach QuickBooks techniques in a simple and yet efficient manner.

Shari & Tim Riggs, Owners
The Drywall Company
6235 Main Ave
Orangevale, CA 95662

(916) 989-3869
[email protected]
[email protected]


I have been an attorney in the Sacramento ~ Davis area, for over 36 years. I was privileged to have met Noëlla in 1992 while working as an appellate attorney and, when I branched off to start my own law practice, she agreed to follow me to my next journey in my career. Noëlla makes certain that my law practice financials are in top-notch order and thus she helps make my year-end tax time not the least bit stressful. Her inherent talent in teaching the various aspects of QuickBooks is truly a benefit I treasure. Noëlla is always patient and very much aware of my shortcomings when it comes to maintaining my workspace; if I mess it up, Noëlla can always fix it.

Kimball J.P. Sargeant, Attorney
Certified Appellate Specialist
Davis, California
Direct Cell: (530) 220-0288
[email protected]


Noëlla was a student of mine in a tax class I was teaching at Sac State when she was getting her accounting degree. She worked hard in class, and she works diligently for her clients. Her professionalism makes her a wonderful candidate in assisting our clients with any of their accounting needs, especially in QuickBooks. I can always trust her year-end work, not only in accuracy but also in all aspects of the preparation for the financial statements. Doing the year-end tax returns for our clients is straightforward, thanks to Noëlla’s attentiveness to details.

David O. McReynolds, CPA
Business Park Drive
Sacramento, California

Direct Cell: (916) 712-3880
[email protected]